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Hail Damage To Roof In Minnesota & Western Wisconsin

Whether it's a condo, a home, or an office — no one is immune to the dangers of a hail storm.

The strong winds and rain that come with this natural disaster can damage property and make the lives of the people who live and work there unbearable. Hail not only dents cars and cracks windows — but it also leaves its mark on roofs, which need to be replaced.

However, no hail-related damage is too big or small — our contractors can handle every aspect of an insurance claim, from filing it to advising you on how to proceed.

Best Hail Damage Roof Restoration Company

Homeowners and building owners who have had their roofs damaged by hail storms fully understand that leaks and the subsequent damage can occur in several areas. From ceilings to walls to hardwood floors, leaks can have wide-ranging effects. Traditional patching methods can take a long time to solve this problem. Still, with an excellent roofing restoration company like Wagner Construction LLC, you get the best care and experience to help you restore your home

Factors Affecting Hail Damage

How much damage hail does is determined by where and when the storm occurred, how large the hailstones were that fell, and whether there was any protective barrier over your property.

Hail can occur at any time of the year, even in spring.
Hail is characterized by extreme amounts of rain in a brief period, lasting only several minutes.
Hailstones are chunks of ice and are measured in diameter. Hailstones that are an inch wide are considered significant, while ones at two inches are considered giant hail.

Free Roof Inspection For Hail Damage

Hail damage assessment is a process of identifying the different kinds and degrees of damage that can occur to roofs, gutters, and windows when the hail falls.

Hail can impact almost any area of a roof and other structures in or around the house. As factors like density, size, and wind speed play a role in how hail impacts your property

you'll want to understand what you're up against while conducting a thorough assessment before any repairs can begin. We provide a free roof inspection in Minnesota to understand the extent of the damage.