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Roof Inspection For Residents Of Minnesota And Western Wisconsin

One of the more overlooked elements of homeownership that most people don't care to discuss is roof inspection.

Roofs act as a protective shield and barrier between your home, your possessions, and the weather. So you must keep your property protected by regularly inspecting it for any damage.

A professional roof inspector will identify any hidden issues on your roof and give you a thorough report. This not only makes for peace of mind but also allows you to put the necessary fixes in places, such as leak repairs, re-sealing, or other options that may be available to you.

Get Your Roof Inspected In Minnesota Before Storm Season

You've probably noticed the #1 most common claim with homeowners insurance is due to damage from a storm — so it's essential to check your home for any damage. With roof inspections, you want to be sure to hire someone who will do the job well and can guarantee the best results. A roofer must know what they are doing.

What Can You Expect From Wagner Construction LLC Inspection?

Quality roof inspections include a thorough home inspection, which involves checking several areas on the outside of the house and inside your property. The most common areas that are inspected for problems include:


If you haven't cleaned out your gutters in a while, you can be in for a big surprise when your roof inspections indicate that they're clogged with leaves and other debris.


When your roof begins to leak, the damage that it causes can be devastating. Not only will you have to call a roofer, but you'll also have to replace any items that were damaged by water.

Inside Of Your Home

To adequately protect from water damage, you must regularly inspect the inside of your home for leaks. Any hole or crack in your walls can cause a leak in your roof, most likely leading to costly repairs.

Age Of Your Roof

Most roofs are anticipated to last 20 years or more. After this period, you should consider having the roof inspected by a professional to see if it needs to be replaced due to age or windstorm damage.

Why Choose Us For Roof Inspections

Wagner Construction LLC is a family-owned and operated roofing company that provides homeowners with the highest quality roofing service for all types of roofs.

We are experts in roof inspections, maintenance, and repair, and we offer these services at affordable prices. For over a decade, we have been helping our customers get their roofs back in great shape — call us today to schedule your free roof inspection!