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Snow Removal Service In Minnesota And Western Wisconsin

The snow always seems beautiful, and the cold weather feels nice. That is until you have to shovel it yourself.

Shoveling in the wintertime is a dangerous job, with ice and snow causing slips, falls, and loss of balance. Hiring a dependable snow removal company is the best way to have peace of mind that the safety of your property is in good hands.

We will proactively manage snow and ice during any weather condition, protecting your walkways and entrances into your home or business.

Snow Removal For Homeowners

During the snowy months of the year, it's essential to ensure that unwanted snow doesn't pile up on your roof. If it does, it can cause expensive structural damage or negatively affect your house's insulation. We use various snow-melting methods and techniques to keep your home protected and functional.

Our Snow Removal Procedure

Our snow removal service begins with a consultation process. Then, we look at the layout of your home and examine any obstacles that could be hidden under the piles of snow. We'll leave little reminders as to what areas are off-limits, so your landscape features stay safe and sound.

Plan to protect yourself, employees, and visitors;
Keep a safe and injury-free work environment
Stay on top of snow removal so that you're fully prepared

Best Snow Removal Company In Minnesota

Snow removal is a serious business. It's directly tied to the safety of your home and the well-being of your family, so you cannot afford to make any mistakes in hiring a company

We're confident that Wagner Construction LLC will do an excellent job for you this winter. With 11 years in business, we have the equipment necessary to remove heavy layers of snow quickly and safely. Our experts will work as quickly as possible to promptly complete snow removal.